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(Annual Parish Church Meeting)
18 May 2021.

One of the greatest gifts I feel this year has brought, amongst such a difficult time with the pandemic is the gift of ourselves. The small gifts of kindness, of thought and love shown by people to those that they know and also to complete strangers.

The pandemic has brought to the minds of everyone and of every age without question the value of life, of Godís creation and of those around us.
I am incredibly proud of how our Church All Saints Hessle, has come together this year. How together we have found new ways to be Church alongside our ever-changing norms over the year.

The church has not stood still at all but has been very much active and present in the parish, from foodbank support, food deliveries, supporting our local schools, to contacting our parishioners, Mini Saints & Plus Saints, our community groups, residential homes, shops, businesses and emergency services, to let them know throughout the year that we are thinking of them and that we are here for them if they ever need us.

The church has provided space for individual prayers and devotion and has been a real strength to those needing the space to get out and find a safe place simply to be. To know that they would meet a friendly face and be welcomed turning up, and who would understand the mental strain of lock down and the effects of the pandemic.
The church has been a beacon of light and hope and has continued to offer prayer and worship and as welcomed many new members into the church as a result.

I have immense thanks to my Ministry team, to Revd Carol Tetley, Revd John Walker and to Phillip Rodmell our Reader, for their dedication to serving our Church and Godís people despite their own personal challenges over the pandemic.
It has been a privilege and a great joy creating with Carol our weekly online services with the support of the Ministry Team. 
We are incredibly blessed and thank Graham Marshall with Janetís ongoing support for enabling us to do this on Facebook and our website pages; by Grahamís recording of services, inserting pictures and music and for them to be streamed. 

We were blessed also by Richard Cook who assisted with his weekly musical contributions and from our church children getting involved. And together we went from strength to strength in our learning and development of our online services and in the nurturing of our new online community. 

There are so many people to thank this year, from the wonderful support of the Church Wardens Gillian and Robin, Assistant Wardens and all PCC members, to Emma Robinson our Health and Safety Officer, to Bill, Stuart and Gail with our finances, Elaine our Parish Secretary and Richard our Cleaner. 

But there are even more people behind the scenes whose work and support has been pivotal to the life of the whole. Work and contacts made, perhaps not seen by others, but I assure you firsthand, that they have been right there and I give my immense thanks and praise to all, especially also for the care my family and I received during my covid pneumonia.

This year has brought us challenges, but not ones we couldnít get through together, and this new year brings us opportunities to grow, to try new things to learn from our journey so far and in Godís strength we will continue to walk the path of faith, meet the challenges along the way, rejoice in Godís redeeming love for us, look forward to all God has to show us here in Hessle and to know and share Godís love and presence with those whom we meet along the way.

So may God bless each and every one of you.

 Revd Gemma Turner
Ė Vicar of Hessle.



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